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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. a deadly shooting in the early morning hours leaves two men dead and sends one to the hospital. the latest on the search for a suspect. thousands in the district gather to hear the message of the dalai lama. the surprise guest who introduced the spiritual leader. and people around the world continue to mourn the passing of former first lady, betty ford. a look at her legacy tonight. good evening and thanks for joining us, i'm audrey barnes. a triple shooting in a part of d.c. that has seen a turn around on crime. two men are dead, a third in grave condition. and it may have happened because of money. fox 5's slater has our story from the newsroom tonight. >> we know one of those young men was murdered a few blocks from home, gunned down in the middle of the street. tonight his neighbors say
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something has to be done. >> shots rang out just before 6:00 saturday morning and when the dust settled, two men were dead, a third left clinging to life. sources tell fox 5 it may have stemmed from a gambling dispute. >> i don't know. i do not understand what's going on today. there seems to be a lot of killing. >> it happened in columbia heights on parkwood place. just a few blocks north of the metro and the bustling new u.s.a. shopping center. neighbors say despite the progress, they still don't feel safe. >> we grew up in this neighborhood. i've been here 50 some years. been in this neighborhood, can't come out on my porch and have a peaceful evening, you know, and relax. it is frustrating. this is how the neighborhood is, and now it's becoming a consistent thing. >> all of which is extremely frustrating for city leaders who have hoped this was one of the areas turning the corner on crime. >> but this is one of those
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notorious blocks that has had a lot of problems for many years, but things are now changing and we are on an upward swing here and everywhere else. we obviously haven't gotten to where we need to be. >> police spent hours searching for clues and investigators are examining the footage from a crime camera posted nearby. what is a very busy thorough fair, they are hoping there were witnesses. >> this is a pretty active area in the community. and a lot of people who are active here. anybody may have seen something through the night last night or early this morning, we really appreciate the call. >> now tonight police identified the two d.c. men who died as 32-year-old jimmy lee simmons and dominik barber. there is no update on the condition of that third man. audrey. >> thank you very much. police in frederick, maryland, are looking for a man suspected of killing his girlfriend. police were called last night.
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when they arrived, they found the body of 33-year-old trenice richardson. melvin smith is wanted for charges related to her murder. anyone with information is asked to call the police. in the district, thousands of people sat quietly on the west lawn of the u.s. capital this morning to listen to a message urging intercalm. that message came from the dalai lama. the spiritual leader of a branch of buddhism. john hanrahan was there and has the story. >> reporter: first, there was chanting. then a mistress of ceremonies who was something of a surprise to a lot of people. >> i know some of you are sitting there thinking, what? >> comedian and activist whoop whoopie goldberg introduced the dalai lama. thousands, perhaps 10,000 people assembled on the west
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lawn of the capital to hear his message that inner peace can lead to world peace. >> fear, distrust, and with that you find difficult to communicate with other people because you yourself, deep inside have insecurity. >> the dalai lama who earlier this year removed himself as the head of the government in exile of tibet praised democracy and urged the crowd to work for peace. in response to a question, it's possible that some day he might return to tibet because china is changing. >> what did you get out of this? >> it was very inspiring. i've seen so many talks on youtube, but to see him in person is a different experience. it's moving. >> i love what he spoke about
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inner peace and just learning to, you know, love yourself. >> came from moscow to see the dalai lama. what does he take away? >> the most important thing is not to be upset or disturbed with difficulties that come. >> although there were many buddhists, people of other faiths also came to see the dalai lama. in washington, john hanrahan, fox 5 news. > demonstrators gathered outside the white house today calling on the administration to stop bombing in libya. they say money spent on bombs should instead go towards jobs here in the u.s. supporters of the u.s. action in libya also showed up. they say libyan leader moammar gadhafi is killing his own people and needs to step down immediately. today d.c. mayor vincent
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gray hosted a community summit to address the changes coming to ward 8. the mayor along with ward 8 council mayor, city planners, and members of the community gathered at third good marshal academy in southeast this morning. they discussed important issues impacting future development and construction in their community. >> this is an opportunity to recognize how we can expand businesses, how we can develop areas like the campus, poplar point, other areas of the city. improve housing, and frankly do it in the impage of what the residents themselves want. >> the mayor says the district will begin putting plans in place based on their priorities established in today's summit. time is running out and a deadline to reach a debt deal is fast approaching. republicans and democrats are still at odds over parts of the budget. fox's caroline shively has details. >> president obama and john boehner agree they want to hack
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as much as $4 trillion off the deficit. both men agree it's going to hurt. but where to find that money? that's where the two camps divide. republicans don't want tax increases, democrats want to keep entitles like medicare and social security in tact. so far, no one is budging. the two sides will meet in the white house again sunday night. >> we agree on some of the big things. we agree that after a decade of racking up deficits and debt, we need to get our fiscal house in order. we agree that to do that, both sides are going to have to step outside of their comfort zones and make some political sacrifices. >> if the key players do reach a deal, congressional leaders will have to bring it back for their members to vote. it's almost an automatic no vote for republicans elected with tea party backing and democrats promised to keep entitlements as it. the leaders were getting testy on the house floor friday. >> i'm one of those who strongly believes we aught to pay for what we buy. but i also believe that we aught not to put this country
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on the brink of financial chaos and bring us down in the eyes of the world. >> let's just review some of the statistics, mr. speaker. there have been 2 1/2 million jobs lost since this president took office. >> negotiators need a deal in the next few days. because it will take three weeks to write the bill, tweak it, and push it through both houses n. washington, caroline shively, fox news. we got late word tonight that republican budget negotiators in the house abandoned plans for a $4 trillion reduction package. john boehner told the president $2 trillion was more realistic. the government's borrowing capacity is capped at $14.3 trillion. president obama is getting a little r and r. the president is spending the night in the maryland mountains at camp david. he will return to the white house sunday to meet with top
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congressional leaders and discuss solutions to america's deficit problem. with the debt ceiling deadline of august 2, president obama called for the rare sunday meeting. a plane gets a little too close to camp david and ends up with a fighter jet escort. the civilian air croft was intercepted alittle after noon today. it was taken out of the restricted area and landed safely. apparently that plane did not have radio communication. tonight the nation is mourning the loss of a former first lady. betty ford died yesterday at the age of 93. the widow of former u.s. president, gerald ford, left a lasting impression that stretched far beyond her duties as first lady. peter has a look back at her legacy. >> betty ford once said in an interview if she known her future husband was going to run for congress, she doesn't think she would have married him. gerald ford did end up running for congress and became president of the united states and his wife touched a lot of lives and the big part of her
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legacy will be open. she was very open about her struggles with drugs and alcohol and inspired over 90,000 people to get help. president obama says quote, while her death is a cause for sadness, organizations like the betty ford center will honor her legacy by giving countless americans a new lease on life. name sake served as a symbol of strength for women across america when she was very open about her breast cancer treatment. her family says quote, mothers love candor, devotion, and laughter and enriched our lives and the millions she touched. to be in her presence is to know the warmth of a true lady. >> it's safe to say, she never thought she would be giving her husband's concession speech
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after he lost an election to jimmy carter. here she is resiting the telegram her husband send the president elect. >> dear jimmy, it is apparent now that you have won our long and intense struggle for presidency. i congratulate you on your victory. >> after services in california, betty ford will be buried in grand rapids, michigan, next to her husband. in washington, fox news. the stars are taking a back seat in hollywood this weekend. see what prince william and his new bride are up to during their time here in the u.s. want to know where the hot spots are before you hit the town? well guess what? there's an app for that, too. how it lets users know where to go. that's all coming up on fox 5 news at 10:00. we're coming right back.
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turning now to the war in afghanistan where the u.s. is said to be making major strides. defense secretary is in afghanistan tonight and he says we're close to beating al- qaeda. fox's david piper has the latest.
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>> defense secretary leon pinetta arriving in afghanistan for his first visit to the war zone. this comes a week after he took his new tough job. >> it's big, it's complicated, it's filled with sophisticated technology. it's bumpy, but in the end it's the best in the world. >> the u.s. and allies are now within reach of defeating al- qaeda. >> the key is that having gotten bin laden, we've now identified some of the key leadership within al-qaeda, both in pakistan as well as in yemen and other areas that if we can be successful at going after them, i think we can really undermind their ability. >> the former cia director and other afghan officials discuss the plan to pull american troops.
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president obama wants to bring about 10,000 troops back home this year and 23,000 more next year. >> the key to success in afghanistan is the ability to successfully transition to the afghans. >> the secretary meeting with general david patraeus. the top u.s. commander in afghanistan. general patraeus leaves his post this month to head to the cia. he too says al-qaeda is now on the run. >> there has been enormous damage done to al-qaeda in the federal administer triable areas. that's above and beyond the killing of osama bin laden. >> secretary panetta plans to meet with them before leaving afghanistan. fox news. >> the crisis in syria appears to be showing signs of hope. the u.s. ambassador to syria showed solidarity with antigovernment protesters by
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joining a gathering about 150 miles outside of the capital city. but the is far from over. there are reports that syrian commanders told their security forces to open fire on unarmed demonstrators. activists say 1600 civilians and 350 security forces have been killed in four months of violence. >> in libya, the uprising continues against ruler moammar gadhafi's four decade rule. meantime, freedom of the press is beginning to ring true for that country's citizens. fox's leeland vitter has details. >> suddenly reading the newspaper has become a past time, especially since what's on the front page is something entirely different than the usual government drivel from tripoli. now there are real editorial meetings, like this one where a group of university students started the revolutionist. >> this name means a lot to us
10:19 pm
because this name was written by blood of those who fought for their freedom in this country. >> published in english and arabic, news about a hated dictator. >> a lot of horrible things and we'll try to expose everything that he did and you'll be shocked, i promise you. >> for 40 years, this three color press was enough to produce the only newspaper the government allowed here, but now with freedom of the press, they aren't printing just one, but ten. >> women we're not really into this world when gadhafi was -- when he had the upper hand. >> around the newsroom conference table or at least a few young women, including 22- year-old fadwa. >> he's amazing. he's amazing. i feel i'm in power somehow, i don't know. it makes me feel that i have my
10:20 pm
special place in this society where i didn't before. >> proving that a free press does more than just get out the news. in libyan, fox news. >> tomorrow the final edition of the british tabloid news of the world will hit stands. the paper is shutting down after public outrage over allegations that journalists paid off police and hacked into voice mail accounts of murder victims and families of dead soldiers as well as celebrities. the former editor also happens to be a one-time communications chief for prime minister david cameron. he was arrested in the phone hacking scandal, but is now out on bail. >> i think this is a very sad day for the news of the world. more importantly -- pretty professional people. >> news of the world is owned
10:21 pm
by news corp., the president company of fox news. >> the british royal couple is getting a taste of california hospitality this weekend. fox news, casey seagal reports from santa barbara tonight. >> on the second day of their three-day visit to california, the british royal couple traveling by helicopter from santa barbara to participate in a charity polo match. >> katherine and i have had a busy few days. the prospect of letting loose this afternoon is wonderful for me. but that's what sports is all about, be it polo, football, i mean soccer, or whatever your preferred sport is. >> attendeis paying at least $400 for a ticket in the cheap seats. vip tickets going for $4,000. prince william playing the game and his wife presenting the
10:22 pm
trophy to the winning team. newlyweds arriving in los angeles friday after a nine-day trip to canada. their first foreign voyage since their wedding in april. this is prince william's first visit to california and kate's first trip to america. they are promoting ties to the u.s. and highlighting charitable work and of course, people in california are excited. >> i think it's about having history so close. you know, because it's kate's first time in america and it is the royal couple's first time in america. >> i want to experience it, you know, because not everyone gets to see the royal family. it's not every day -- they gave us a wave. it's cool. >> on sunday it's all about philanthropy. the royal couple will be visiting an inner city school in the morning. by afternoon they will make a stop at a military job fair for american veterans before
10:23 pm
heading home to the uk. in santa barbara, california, fox news. >> a strong earthquake rattles a northeast coast of japan tonight. the magnitude 7.1 quake hit just a short time ago. the epicenter was in the pacific island off the coast of japan's main island. a tsunami warning has been issued for the north eastern coastline. >> well not a lot to complain about in our weather today. sunny, not quite as muggy. can we count on another beautiful day tomorrow? gwen is here with good news. let us have it. >> we have good news. tomorrow is going to be a very nice day. although it will be warmer, audrey. we have plenty of sunshine today. take a look at where our temperatures hit. 92 degrees at national airport. 90 at dulles. those temperatures some 3 to 4 degrees higher then. the average for the day. so not bad at all. skies clear, ridge of high pressure in control. we saw no shortage of sunshine.
10:24 pm
skies are clear into the course of tonight as well. it's 82 degrees this hour at national airport. 60% humidity. a very light southerly wind flow and our airport temperatures 76 at dulles and 77 degrees at bwi. so what are we looking at for tonight? it will be clearer skies. a little cooler in the suburbs. 70 degrees in the city. a northwesterly wind flow. we talk about humidity being on the downside as far as today is concerned. that's going to change and we have other changes coming up as well. you're going to enjoy tomorrow. i'll have all those details a little later. back to you. >> thank you gwen. >> well if you love to see and be seen, a new smart phone app may help you stay connected to the right places at the right times. fox's darlene hill explains. >> good looking guys and beautiful babes. that's just one of the things that single people are thinking about when they step into a club like this. of course they want to see and they want to be seen. the other thing they're looking
10:25 pm
for, a good drink. jason is mixing a mar tiny and setting the scene for a good night for everyone at the hunt club. >> the summertime is not very long. i like to go out and have a drink. >> it's about being at the right place at the right time. >> we have a camera there that is in charge of tracking the gender and age unanimously to every person walking in. >> he's behind a smart phone application for everyone helping get their groove on find it. keep track the number of people in the bar, tell you where the hottest spot is, and it will give followers a live tally on the number of men and women in the club. harper says the cameras read images only. they won't say how many drinks they are having. party goers shouldn't worry about privacy. >> for us, this is less intrusive than paying your bill with a credit card. we aren't tracking that cole
10:26 pm
harper walked in. someone happens to look like a 27-year-old male and we pull the data from that. >> the tavern is one of 50 bars and restaurants already signed up and equipped with cameras in chicago to collect the data used to share with followers whenever a comment is posted by someone in the bar, it's automatically down loaded to their facebook or twitter account and that will help business. >> patrons will be able to see all of our specials, all the deals. who? the bar, and we'll be able to customize all of our specials and see who is coming in for what specials. >> a fox 5 news investigation are taxis passing up people just because of where they want to go? we use our hidden cameras to find out if it's destination dediscrimination. [ female announcer ] welcome to busch gardens williamsburg,
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where d.c. goes to get away. maybe it's because washington d.c. loves the legendary coasters. or that your entire family will have fun, even the little ones. it could be that water country usa has more of the waves, slides and rides everyone wants. so plan your getaway and come play. you never know who you'll run into. get started at
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telling us how hard it is for him to get a cab. back in 2009, our fox 5 investigation caught taxi cabs in dc passing black men by to pick up white customers. as the investigative reporter shows us, this time the problem isn't in d.c., it's about d.c. >> getting a cab is supposed to be easy. get in, give your address, and you're on your way. unless you're headed to a certain destination. >> sorry. >> what reason have i given you to refuse service? >> on most days, otis carter junior takes the metro home, but when he's running late, he'll sometimes spring for a cab. >> as soon as i get in the cab and they start to pull off,
10:31 pm
then they ask me where are you going? where am i taking you today, sir. i say southeast washington and then the problem begins. >> otis says drivers here at king street denied him a ride to southeast almost a half dozen times in the last two months. he contacted fox 5 after one even called the cops on him. >> the officer came over and pretty much said he wasn't going to deal with this all night and that he would like for me to take a walk and to find another cab. >> fox 5 decided to put alexandria's tab drivers to the test. using our photographer steve and our intern, julian, the first to get into a cab. >> take me to southeast. >> first drive is quick to poted the address into the gps. >> brandy wine street and doesn't hesitate to give julian a ride. but others --
10:32 pm
>> brandywine. but others tell julian they can't find the address from the very beginning steve gets denied. >> southeast? >> no, i'm not going to southeast. >> did you just refuse that ride to that passenger? >> which one? >> the man that just got out of the cab? the black man. there was a man that got in the cab and got out of the cab. >> because i have to pick up my daughter from school. i am not able to make it at 6:00 because he wants me to go to d.c. >> i have gotten that often. there's something wrong with my car, which i have heard that. i don't know where that is. have somebody else take you. > excuses aren't all right because excuses are just that, excuses. >> don is the executive director of the equal rights center, a local nonprofit that tests taxi cabs for dediscrimination. >> you no longer hear someone
10:33 pm
say i won't give you service because you are african american, but rather they are more subtle barriers of desperate treatment that are thrown up instead and so it is a problem. >> and fox 5 discovered when the sun goes down -- the excuses turn into quick refusals. >> it's rough over there what about anacostia? can you take me to anacostia? >> steve gets out. the driver takes off, and steve tries the next cab. >> southeast. >> okay. >> you know the anacostia metro station is? >> not really. >> not really? >> steve tries the third cab in line who finally gives him a
10:34 pm
ride. >> if they don't feel safe, then we understand and we're going to give a driver the benefit of the doubt. but just say gee, i don't like that location. that's not enough. >> chris is alexandria's deputy city attorney and in charge of investigating complaints against cab companies. he says city code is explicit. no driver of a taxi cab shall refuse or neglect to convey any orderly person. >> it's not an easy way to make a living. you want to be fair to them, but at the same time you can't dediscriminate, you have to serve the public or else you shouldn't be in this line of work. >> he suspended a taxi driver last year for refusing to pick up a woman in a wheelchair. but the city has only received four refusal to carry complaints in the last two years. >> they tend to be dramatically under reported. they may not trust the government to whom they are trying to report the problem.
10:35 pm
they may be embarrassed. they may think they have done something wrong or they may not want to make waves. >> all feelings otis grappled with before he called fox 5. >> we have to do something to make a change, because it takes only one person and i'm sure that i am just one of many who have gone through this type of thing. >> tisha thompson, fox 5 news. we want to give you head's up about low flying planes in the district. the nasa planes will travel along the i-95 corridor tomorrow between the washington beltway and baltimore. the planes measure things like ozone and carbon monoxide in the air. the goal is to be able to forecast and regulate pollution. those planes will be in the air from 10:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. the nationals look to put an end to a string of one run games. and the yankees captain attempts to make history in the big apple. lindsey murphy has the latest sports news for you in just a
10:36 pm
moment. gwen. >> temperatures in the 90s today and warm air from the south. they're on the rise. i'll have al
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we have been holding our breath today hoping none of the nats players got hurt. >> we saw two bad injuries yesterday. everybody was okay tonight. >> very good news. >> the crowd fell silent last night as nationals pitcher john lanen took a line drive off of the face. he has broken cartilage, but doesn't expect to miss any time. he expects to make his next start saturday at atlanta. nats pitcher on the mound. top of the 4th no score until the the rockies takes him to deep right field. that's a solo home run. his 10th of the year and marquis would last six innings.
10:40 pm
bottom of the 9th, nats trail 2- 1. he was sent a ground ball to short starting the double play. of course the bluebirds come out. he's been struggling. the nats fall 2-1. their one- run game, they are now one game under .500. the orioles facing the red sox. top of the 5th, derrek lee with the big swing. watch closely. he loses the hand. the bat goes into the stands. he catches the bat and tips his cap to the crowd. we need more kids like him in the stands. red sox lead 1-0. overwith the bases loaded. that brings home two runs. 4-0 and the birds have lost six in a row. >> derek jeter and the yankees hosting the rays. two hits shy of 3,000. jeter has a full count. he pokes one into left for career hits 2,999. jeter comes through this time
10:41 pm
in grand style. a home run, his 3,000th career hit, joining the only players to do that. jeter becomes the 28th player to join the 3,000 hit club. he goes five for five with the game winning hit. good day for him. the yankees win 5-4. >> mls action, dc united facing his old team for the first time since being traded in june. 43rd minute, right past the key. look at this, turned away by a sliding tim reames, no good. moved, he then gets the pass back from josh wolf, in for the only goal of the game. united defeats the red bulls 1- 0 for their first win since may. >> and coming up on nissan sports extra, we'll introduce you to somebody who used to play for the caps. he is back with the caps. >> very good. >> how about jeter. >> i heard that the ball he
10:42 pm
hit is worth $250,000? >> that's a will the of money. >> probably going to be worth a lot more in a couple years. >> who caught that ball? lucky person. >> all those swimming lessons paid off for a six-year-old boy when his little sister got into trouble in the water. meet the heroic big brother coming up. t
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water is back on and the roads are open on hunter mill road in fairfax county, virginia tonight. crews replaced two pipes overnight. yesterday the water main break sent water shooting into the air. it created a huge hole in the middle of hunter mill road. the road was shut down and close to 100 homes were left without any water. >> you know, it was a great night to get outside and have dinner outside because after a little mugginess, the day turned out to be a nice evening. >> we didn't have a lot of
10:46 pm
humidity today. it's going to change, but tomorrow is going to be another pleasant day as well. just a little bit of a breeze to keep everybody comfortable. but let's take a look outside right now because skies are clear out there, so i'm sure if you look up, you can see the stars without any problem. clouds are not one of the things we are dealing with. we have a ridge of high pressure in control and as a result of that, plenty of sunshine today and a clear night for tonight. so the weekend is going to end up staying dry. we had an awful lot of rain fall across the area yesterday and flooding in many regions. things have now calmed down quite a bit today was a spectacular day. tomorrow is going to be nice as well. more 90-degree days ahead, however, the heat is going to be on. here we go with the humidity. not very humid today, but the humidity is in our forecast to make a return. be prepared for that and unsettled weather in the early part of the week that we're going to be talking about. now as far as temperatures today were concerned, above seasonal by some 3 to 4
10:47 pm
degrees. 92 degrees at national airport. 90 degrees at baltimore. so it was fairly warm out there and temperatures now are still very much on the mild side to very warm as well. look at dc at 82 degrees this hour. we have 80 at annapolis. 77 at quantico. 73 at frederick. martinsburg at 76 degrees. as we head up the mid atlantic, 76 for boston. new york at 79 degrees. look where the 60s are, a big difference from where we are at 82. 76 degrees in richmond. sky conditions as i mentioned, very much on the clear side. we have that ridge of high pressure in control and it's keeping a lot of warm air with a nice southerly flow across the mid atlantic. temperatures this hour into the triple digits and into the 90s and that is what is headed our way as we move into the week, we're going to see the southerly wind flow puff that air up and it's going to give
10:48 pm
the temperatures a rise. that ridge of high pressure leading us cloud free as i mentioned, not seeing anything here, but a bit of cloudiness, but we do have clear skies tonight and it's going to stick around for tomorrow as we get into a bright and sunny day. this ridge of high pressure will gradually start to slide its way off the coast through tomorrow morning. a very warm day, be prepared for that. humidity isn't looking to make a return until the middle of the week. by monday, tuesday, we're going to see a change. we have a frontal system coming through. 90 for the 5:00 hour for you and tomorrow overall as i said, temperatures into the 90s, a little warmer to the south at 94 for fredericksburg. so we're going to see a pleasant day. if you are headed to the beaches, you'll have a great time. and we're going to see plenty of sunshine with no storms. it will be a great day to get to the beach. cool down a little bit from the
10:49 pm
breeze off the ocean. for tonight, clear skies, warm, 60s in the suburbs and 70 degrees your overnight low. tomorrow air quality is code orange. that's unhealthy. be careful, senior citizens, anyone with any particular breathing problems, young children should not spend extended times outside tomorrow with this. sunny skies a hot day at 92 degrees. so here's a look at the five- day forecast. the changes come about when you get into monday night and tuesday. we have a weak cold front coming through. that's going to set us up for a chance of seeing thunderstorms and wet weather and that, audrey, is when the humidity returns. >> to see three 90s in a row, get ready, here it comes. thanks for the head's up. >> in the news tonight, an iraq war amputee fell to his death from the 208-foot roller coaster at a new york theme park. 28-year-old james t. fell off the ride friday, less than four
10:50 pm
months after having beleased from walter reid medical center. he lost both legs and a hip to a roadside bomb in 2008. >> as far as we can tell right now, nothing as far as mechanical wise that would have caused this accident. so if people had plans to come, i would still come and stay with their plans. >> so nothing mechanical? you think it was a physical issue with his body? >> is that a possibility? it's a possibility, yes. but we can't say that for sure at this point. >> the park is open, but the super man ride of steel is closed and is under investigation. switching gears now to a story that will warm your heart. a michigan boy jumped into action to help save his little sister from drowning. fox's karen asher has the story. >> not every little boy has it in them. ingly said to myself, i'm very proud of myself.
10:51 pm
>> but ryder sprang into action when he saw his little sister fall into the pool. >> i wanted to keep my sister safe. >> you're only six years old. >> yeah, and she's only two years old. >> that's pretty awesome. >> i know. >> it happened as the family was wrapping up pool time last friday. mom took off her life jacket and turned around to get a towel. >> i sat her up on the deck and followed up behind her. ryder decided to take one last lap around. >> ryder saw his sister jump for the raft floating by the edge of the pool and missed. she was sinking fast. >> i swam over to her. i grabbed her by the leg and i flipped her over and my mom -- and she spit out water and blinked and then she cried. >> instant reaction. i shook her real quick.
10:52 pm
she spit out water and started crying. i had to sit down for a second because it was scary and i was proud of him. >> ryder knew what to do because he was taking swim lessons and mom always teaches pool safety. >> as much as i'd like to think my kids don't listen, apparently they do because he knew exactly what to do without hesitation. >> it was pretty easy, but i had to go fast. >> in a situation where every second counts. because ryder rescued his sister, the family didn't have to call 911. >> ryder saved you? >> yeah. >> six years old and already a hero. >> because she's my baby sister. i have to take care of her. i feel happy. >> way to go, ryder. a major drink mixup at a restaurant left three young kids feel the effects of strong adult beverages. it happened at a chilis in denver, colorado. a mother ordered virgin drinks
10:53 pm
for her three kids ages 8, 6, and 1. there was a miscommunication between the waiter and bartender and the drinks ended up with alcohol in them. >> it was like at least a shot or two worth of liquor. the drink was half alcohol. >> it's scary to be confused and not know what's going on and to be feeling like your child is drunk and you can't do anything about it. >> paramedics were called but they decided the kids had not had enough alcohol to go to the hospital. they just had to sleep it off. chili's apologized and gave the family some gift cards. a close call at a rihanna concert. causing a fire that sent sparks trickling on to the stage. concert goers were evacuated. fortunately no one was hurt. no word tonight on whether fans will be reimbursed. a wild start to the weekend for one arizona man. he was sitting in his living room watching tv when all of a
10:54 pm
sudden a truck came crashing through his wall. the out of control truck hit the corner of a neighbor's home first and then a split second later slammed into a black wall before coming to rest inside this home. >> it's friday morning, relaxing and the show was just over and i said i'm going to move to the other side of the couch like a bomb and it was nothing like a cloud of dust inside. i couldn't even see three feet in front of me. >> the driver and his teenage son were both taken to e hospital after the crash. they were not seriously injured. well it's that time again. aspiring singers from across the country say they are the next american idol. we take you to the san diego audition. and casey anthony faces another trial. the woman anthony claimed kidnapped caylee is suing for defamation. that's coming up in the news edge at 11:00.
10:55 pm
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♪[ music ] auditions for american idol season 11 are already underway. thousands of idol hopefuls packed pepco park yesterday for a chance to show off their vocal chops. the next round of auditions is next friday in pittsburgh. from the top of the idol to the top of the country music charts. season 10 idol winner has a lot of exciting work ahead of him. ashley spoke to the young star about his career. >> the winner of american idol, scotty. >> scotty mccreary went from
10:59 pm
winning the crown to the stage. getting lots of buzz at this year's music festival. relishes the attention, but realizes he has a lot of work ahead of him. >> i still feel like i'm a new by. i have newbie, but he is having fun. understanding the importance of his loyal fan base. >> the fans stuck by me since day one and we had a country finale, but it's really cool to see. people are our number one fans. >> plus, he's been getting advice from country superstars. >> it's cool to get advice and feedback because they have been doing this for so long. i just started a couple months ago. >> as he moves forward, he knows eventually he's going to have to part ways with lauren. >> we are both trying to make it separately as artists and people are saying hopefully we can

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